by Riasne 2000


WHNZ:4:MFQ (which is for "My Funny Quarantine") was recorded in 2009 at the peak of the local swine flu craze, when there were too few people on the streets of Sykhiv to notice.


released June 21, 2010

Ukrainian DIY avant-garde/free improvisation project Рясне 2000 (pronounced "Riasne Dva Try Nulya") are Andrii and Zoia Kosmohunaiski, with additional guest players. A & Z are as much concerned with eating walls (and squeezing & crushing plaster off it between their teeth) as with anything else. Рясне 2000 are pro-sports, pro-sex (kind of) and pro-Geek-Catholic-liturgy. Рясне 2000 stem from Sykhiv, which is yesterday's Lviv of trees now reborn as Pendulum Neo-City = 0. P2000 are young and old, bodily varied, and they are self-professed and self-processed exorcists. "To waste with your wasteland!" could be their motto. A & Z concluded that 2009 was just the right time in Sykhiv to form a group with "2000" in the title.



We Have No Zen! Ukraine

Ukrainian net-label focused on contemporary experimental/improv/psychedelic/etc. music.

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